Sunday, December 31, 2017

2017 and mixed feelings inside.

alhamdulillah, its the end of 2017. Alhamdulillah i still breathing, feel blessing, and thankful to Allah.
anyway, i've through a loooooot this year. my downs to my ups. my breaking to my rise.
but, i couldn't stop thank God for everything i have now and everything I've done.
I'm just happy for what i have now and i am soooooooo thankful.
may all your days full of happiness.
i can't tell much but i want to share a bit of my years. 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

it's been a while

it's been a while...
soooo much things i've through, and its not end yet, not yet, but it'll be, soon, inshaa Allah.
belum selesai skripsi, but i'm halfway there...
jadi akhirnya setelah melewati beberapa waktu alhamdulillah, proposal done.

still, kuliah masih berjalan dan semoga cepetcepet wisuda deh :')
anywayyyyy, have an awesome day everyone. see you!

proposal done(i know the flowers r too early to received)
thank you my bestie!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

posting again!

OMG! its been so long since the last time i've posted. i've through very-very-very hard time which is awesome and blessed for me. i'm no longer a high school senior, but i'm a college student and i've been through my second semester that made me scared as hell and it was feels like roller coaster really-_-
Thank God for give me strength to stand up and study from the first time i wake up till i could go to sleep with books around me all day long, for brain capacity to memorize all things i should understand in little time i could have, and thank you for super awesome blessing eye bags under my eyes for battle everyday and struggle to understand the cells, the mechanism, the pathomechanism, the circulation of our body. yes, study in medical school is pretty mad and could make you want to jump over a cliff sometimes and all the pressure surely makes you nervous but i love it. i love every challenges, all the mad thing and the busy things around it makes me more than alive.
now i have time to posting, but i don't know maybe i'll be more busy for so long time. well i guess thats all i could share.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

1 HOUR OFFICIAL TRAILER | of Resacta Deux Production

Hello everybody! God, my senior year almost about over. And my class should make a movie, actually short movie. Then Resacta Deux production proudly present 1 HOUR official trailer. Here the links for u guys to watch, it such a honor for us, resacta deux family if you guys want watch that trailer ; #JUBEL2014 and please wish us luck for this movie.
please watch, u'll wont regret this. masterpiece of Resacta Deux production. Mahakarya Resacta Deux Production, mahakarya anak bangsa.