Tuesday, December 31, 2013


its my first morning in 2014...good morning universe.
so i've spent new year eve with people i love and i feel bless by God to give me long life 'till now. i wish can see another new year ahead. anyway it was precious for me because hold you from 2013 until 2014. i won't let go even you should go. there is no matter who you will hold next year and another new year, i just wish you happy with another else, someday if someone replace me. it was perfect to me when see fireworks up in the sky with people i love. 
2014 will not be an easy year because i have to work harder even hardest to face the final exam and prepare myself for university. scare yet so excited a bit. and i have to prepare myself to waiting something (if you know what i mean)
anyway that's all i can tell, still speechless of this 2014 cause time flies so fast.